Pre-Registration Frequently Asked Questions

What is online pre-registration?
Save time by registering for procedures and appointments at Newton-Wellesley from the convenience of your own home. You can register online for many services, including Bone Density Tests, CT Scans, Lab Tests, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Ultrasound and X-rays. Pre-registration must be completed at least one business day prior to your appointment.

What services/appointments qualify for online pre-registration?
Online Pre-registration is available for ancillary services only and is not available for Maternity and Surgical patients.
Maternity patients: Please fill out your pre-admission form and mail it to the Hospital.
Surgical patients: Please call 617-243-6122 to pre-register.
Newton-Wellesley Urgent Care Center – Waltham patients: Please use the Urgent Care Center pre-reg form

Emergency visits are not accepted for online pre-registration. If this is an emergency, please dial 911.

How do you protect the information I enter online?
We use SSL encryption technology to ensure the secure transmission of any personal information you provide while using our online pre-registration. You can easily determine when you're sending data securely by looking at the web address (URL) in your browser window. The first few letters will change from "http" to "https" when you are transmitting information protected by SSL encryption.

Why should I pre-register online?
Pre-registering online helps to expedite your visit by processing the process at the time of your appointment.

Do I have to use online pre-registration?
While it is not required that you pre-register for outpatient services, doing so may expedite your visit by eliminating a complete review of your demographic and insurance data at the time of your appointment.

If you would rather pre-register by phone, you may call us us at 617-243-6122.

How do I know of my pre-registration has been approved?

Please check your email - including your spam folder - in the next 48 hours for confirmation from Newton-Wellesley Hospital that your pre-registration form was approved.

What do I do if I never received a confirmation email from Newton-Wellesley Hospital?
Your pre-registration form has not been officially accepted until you receive a confirmation email from us. If you do not receive an email confirmation from us within 48 hours, please contact us at 617-243-6122. Please make sure you check your spam folder for an email from us.

Can I submit my pre-registration form for an appointment less than 24 hours from now?
No, you can only submit your pre-registration for appointments more than 24 hours from now. If you submit this form for an appointment that is less than 24 hours from now, it will not be processed.

What is the contact information and hours of operation for the pre-registration team?
You may contact us 617-243-6122, Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 8:00pm.

How do I get to Newton-Wellesley Hospital?
Directions to Newton-Wellesley Hospital

How do I know where to go for my appointment?
Find a Department's Location

Who has access to the information I submit online?
To protect your privacy, personal information is seen and accessed on a need-to-know basis. Only people interacting with a particular patient will have access to the information submitted, including pre-registration staff, order entry staff and the clinician.