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Caring Shouldn't Stop After Patients Leave the Hospital.

If your mechanic calls to check on your car…shouldn’t healthcare call to check on you? That’s why we have Jeanine. Using her decades of nursing experience and a meticulous attention to detail, she calls patients who have left our Hospital to ensure they are healing and understand what happens next. Her calls inform, inspire and they’ve even saved lives. But Jeanine just sees it as the right thing to do. “Whether I am by a bed or on the phone, I treat everyone as if I was caring for my own family member. When healthcare is working…that’s what it should feel like.”

Dear Healthcare, I'm Done Being Treated Like Patient Number 11567.

"What does a better way mean to me? I know this hospital is always innovating. I'm a researcher. I needed to know they have the best doctors and technology. They even asked me to try a new recovery pillow and that dedication to find every little edge is important. But it was the entire staff treating me like a person, an important person...that made the difference and that's been throughout the knee surgery process. I don't get lost in an obnoxious voicemail menu maze when I call. I talk to people. And they're talented and they truly care. When healthcare does that for you, it's a really good feeling."

When Innovation is Infectious, a Pen Can Change Everything.

Intensive care patients often awake into an unknown, new reality. It’s stressful and confusing. But Adam and his team knew there was a better way. They implemented the Patient Care Journal. It’s just a basic pen with a book for caregivers and family to log how they were cared for and all their feelings. When patients improve and are no longer sedated, they are encouraged to read their journal and as a result, exhibit fewer symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Adam and his team aren’t stopping there. “Just sitting down with these smart people and solving this…it’s very rewarding. And it makes you wonder what else we can achieve together.”


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Newton-Wellesley Hospital is a member of Partners HealthCare, a network founded by Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This Partners affiliation allows us to provide patients with seamless accessibility to the finest community-based medicine as well as the most advanced specialty care in the world.

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