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Healthy Lunches Kids Will Love (and Parents too!)

With a new school year starting, why not start a new tradition by packing lunch for your student? Lunch is offered at your child’s school, but to really know what they are eating during the day, try brown bagging it! A delicious, nutritious lunch from home helps kids steer clear of the snacks and treats found in cafeterias and vending machines.

Wash and Go

Before you even pack the first lunch, have your children become part of the process. Let them choose their own insulated bag or character-centric lunch box, whatever will get them super excited to open it up and chow down. And be sure to remind little ones of the important ways we can all stay healthy throughout the day, like washing our hands before eating. Click here to read more about how you can help your kids avoid catching a back-to-school cold.

Body and Brain

A great lunch fuels your child with good nutrition and quality calories to fire up their learning, while keeping them satisfied and focused. Sandwiches are a staple for sure, but after the first few weeks, sandwiches might get a little boring. So, always ask your kids what they want. Learn what their current favorites are, from fruits and veggies to the yummy and healthy dips that go with them. When kids have fun choices, they will naturally choose nourishing options, like these 5-star lunch picks.

Prep and Pack

Need a little inspiration? Try packing breakfast for lunch with a few pancakes, a hardboiled egg, orange slices and a yogurt. Or try turkey roll ups with pretzels and apple slices—sprinkle a dash of cinnamon for an extra boost of yum! And what about a chicken and cheese quesadilla with guacamole, jicama and tortilla chips? Packed with veggies and good carbs, these options are anything but bland!

Looking for more advice on the best foods for your child or even yourself? Check out these healthy recipes from Dr. Kimberly Parks, one of our physicians who practices culinary medicine.