Welcome to the Department of Spiritual Care

At Newton-Wellesley Hospital, our team of chaplains and spiritual care volunteers offers compassionate care and support to patients, visitors and staff. Our multi-faith team provides inclusive spiritual care and can explore how your own sense of faith and spirituality may be a healing, comforting resource to you. We will address your unique spiritual journey and support your needs when an ordinary sense of meaning and hope has been disrupted by illness, sudden hospitalization or a life-changing event.

The Department of Spiritual Care works collaboratively to help patients, family members and staff to address both spiritual and religious needs. We serve as liaisons, connecting members of the healthcare team, patients and families, and - if requested - clergy or other religious leaders in the community.


Contact Us: 617-243-6634
Hours: A staff chaplain is available Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. At other times, please leave a message and we will make every effort to return your call within 24 hours.
Location: Our office and the Interfaith Prayer Room are located on 2 West, near the Intensive Care Unit. The Interfaith Prayer Room is open 24/7. All are welcome.

Our Team

Chaplain Alyssa Adreani, Interfaith Chaplain & Coordinator of Spiritual Care: 617-243-6634
Chaplain Marlene DeLeon: 617-243-5990
Chaplain Chasiah Haberman: 617-243-6827

The Chaplains at Newton-Wellesley Hospital are clinically trained, have Masters-degree-level theological education and observe standards of practice for use in acute care settings. Chaplains are an integral part of the patient care team. They attend rounds, participate in interdisciplinary team and family meetings, and contribute a spiritual perspective to a patient’s particular situation and plan of care.

When to Call a Chaplain

Patients and visitors:
  • For spiritual and emotional support during hospitalization (before or after a procedure, while awaiting test results, when making decisions, preparing for discharge from hospital, etc.)
  • To request religious resources (Holy Communion, Sacrament of the Sick, Sabbath candles, etc.)
  • To address spiritual or faith-related matters
  • To receive a blessing or say a prayer
  • For 1-on-1 guided meditation
  • For referral to local community of worship
  • For help with a religious, spiritual, or ethical concern about a patient, a family, or your work
  • For emotional and spiritual support around a patient’s care or decision-making
  • For support as you deal with a personal or spiritual issue of your own
  • For referral to local community of worship
  • To arrange a memorial service for a deceased colleague or service of blessing for retiring/departing colleague
  • To assist with processing a difficult case, crisis, or traumatic event (individually or as a unit)


Drop-in meditation is offered in our Interfaith Prayer Room several times per week. All are welcome and no experience or registration is required. Each meditation session is 20 minutes long and is led by an experienced, formally trained meditation practitioner.

During meditation, we sit comfortably with eyes closed (if you wish) and focus on breathing and being in the present moment as your facilitator guides you through a relaxing practice. Typically, there is a small amount of speaking by the facilitator, some silence, and some gentle music. Our meditation practice is non-denominational. All are welcome to come, sit, and enjoy the ‘sacred space’.

Please call the Department of Spiritual Care at 617-243-6634 for days/times or consult the sign posted by the Interfaith Prayer Room.

Our chaplains and spiritual care volunteers are also able to offer guided bedside meditation to patients during their hospitalization. This can be especially helpful before a procedure or while awaiting test results! To request a chaplain for bedside meditation, please contact the Department of Spiritual Care at 617-243-6634.

Meditation has been shown to lower stress, increase body awareness and self-awareness, regulate emotion and regulate attention. It can also help cultivate a sense of compassion and connectedness. In the hospital environment in particular, meditation can help sustain a sense of peace and well-being during stressful times.

Helpful Links
Quiet Mind Cafe: Into Sleep Meditation
Tara Brach: Guided Meditations

The Chopra Center: Guided Meditations


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