Custom Made Orthotics
Newton-Wellesley Hospital Rehabilitation Services has highly trained physical therapists, who are expert at evaluating the extent to which your problem might be aided by the use of custom made orthoses or shoe inserts.

Someone may benefit from orthotic use if they are experiencing persistent pain or other symptoms in their ankle, heel or toes.

In addition, orthotics can be helpful in cases of pain that last more than 3 months in the knees. Children and adolescents may benefit from custom orthoses for an excessively high arched foot (Pes Cavus), or an excessively low arched foot (Pes Planus).


During the evaluation, we will make a plaster cast of your foot which is then sent to the lab for fabrication, which generally takes two to three weeks. Sometimes we determine that a non-custom orthotic may be necessary and we will recommend an appropriate over-the-counter shoe insert. We will also advise you whether we feel a course of Physical Therapy would substantially benefit you or not.

The evaluation is usually covered by your insurance (always check with your insurance provider) as part of a regular Physical Therapy evaluation, while the fabrication of the orthotic will be an additional charge paid directly to the lab. Our custom orthotics typically cost $98.00 for the pair with an occasional additional cost (no more than $45) for alterations that occasionally need to be made after the orthotics have been worn.

To access our orthotic service, you will require a prescription and referral from a licensed referring provider.

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