Our Programs and Services

    Outpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic
    In the outpatient clinic, we treat patients from preschool age through adolescence for a variety of issues. Our staff in the clinic includes four child and adolescent psychiatrists, a nurse practitioner with specialized training in child psychiatry, and a social worker.

    Treatment in the clinic begins with a thorough evaluation, including a detailed review of your child’s medical and psychiatric history. Often, the clinician assessing your child will request your permission to speak with important people in your child’s life. They may talk with their pediatrician, a teacher or a therapist to help develop a more complete understanding of your child’s difficulties.

    After the initial evaluation, recommendations for an initial treatment plan will be discussed with you and your child. This plan will be tailored to your child’s specific needs and may include additional medical or psychological testing, referrals to group or individual therapy, and work with school services. While some children benefit from a short-term consultation with our staff, those who require ongoing psychiatric care can continue to receive treatment in the clinic for as long as necessary.

    Consultation to Pediatrics and the Emergency Department
    Our clinicians provide specialized mental health evaluation, treatment and support to pediatric patients who have been admitted to Newton-Wellesley Hospital for a medical condition. We also complete crisis evaluations for children and adolescents who present to the Newton-Wellesley Emergency Department for a psychiatric emergency.

    Parenting at a Challenging Time (PACT) Program
    The Pappas PACT Program at Newton-Wellesley Hospital provides guidance for parents faced with the challenge of raising children while undergoing cancer treatment. This program - run in the Vernon Cancer Center - helps parents who are concerned about the impact that their diagnosis and treatment will have on their children. For more information, visit the program’s website at www.nwh.org/pact.

    Early Childhood Social and Emotional Health Program
    This innovative program is designed to address the social-emotional needs of children age zero to five in a preventive model. Clinical experience and research have shown that a child’s early years are critical to their sense of self-esteem, ability to learn and quality of their future relationships. Stressors such as abuse, neglect, parental depression, family discord and the baby’s temperament not fitting into the family’s expectations can have life-long consequences. This program will offer an in-depth evaluation, understanding and treatment to prevent the consequences of early childhood stressors.


    Pediatric Post-Concussion Clinic
    This program was developed in response to the growing recognition that children and adolescents can develop significant psychiatric and learning problems following a head injury. Athletes who suffer from repeated sports-related concussions may be at particularly high risk. Problems that can result from a concussion include depression, irritability, impulsivity and impairments in attention and memory.

    The Post Concussion Assessment Program (PCAP) at Newton-Wellesley Hospital is now accepting referrals of young athletes, ages 8-18, who are experiencing persistent neuropsychological and/or behavioral health symptoms following a concussion. Young athletes should be at least three weeks out from their initial injury, been medically cleared, and still experiencing Post Concussive Syndrome (PCS) symptoms.

    PCS is an increasingly common yet poorly understood group of symptoms affecting up to 20% of people who suffer a mild traumatic brain injury. Reported symptoms include: attention deficits and difficulty sustaining mental effort, fatigue and apathy, impulsivity, irritability or changes in affect, headaches, learning and memory problems, or impaired problem solving.

    Our initial evaluation will include a comprehensive biopsychosocial profile; ImPACT testing including a review of baseline testing and onsite repeat testing at Newton-Wellesley; a medication evaluation; completion of scaled measurements of the patient’s coping strategies and mood or anxiety symptoms; and coordinated treatment and follow up including relevant referrals to other providers, school communication, and family support. Patients will be seen in follow up after the initial visit for up to 12 months or on an “as needed” basis to assure coordination of care.

    Nicole Danforth, MD, a board certified child and adult psychiatrist, will be providing evaluations, psychopharmacology,and short term care to these patients. She has six years of experience as Medical Director of the Sports Psychology program at Mass General Hospital and has treated PCS patients in youth, school and college settings. Dr. Danforth is a former professional athlete who has worked with athletes ranging from youth hockey players to MLB players.

    To refer patients, please fax a referral form (pdf) to 617-734-4646.


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