Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

The Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at Newton Wellesley Hospital treats patients who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) — an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. The goal of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic is to help patients reach maximum independence through healthy lifestyle adjustments, medications, rehabilitative treatments and clinical trials.

We believe in a team approach. In addition to providing a comprehensive neurological evaluation and interpretation of diagnostic studies, we involve nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and social work assessments as needed. We also work closely with our urologists and ophthalmologists.

A multidisciplinary team helps patients manage symptoms, which can include vision problems, muscle weakness, difficulty with coordination, loss of sensation, concentration and memory problems and bladder issues.

Monthly Support Group

Contact Us: 617-243-NWMS (6967)

About Us

Because Multiple Sclerosis can be unpredictable and require different types of medical expertise, Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Multiple Sclerosis Clinic provides a full array of services. Our team has extensive experience with the disease so we can help patients and their families manage both the acute and long-term effects of Multiple Sclerosis. Patients can ask questions and get well-informed answers in an environment that is friendly and supportive.

Our collaborative approach allows us to work together to design the best plan of care for a patient.

An added benefit of the Clinic is that patients can receive all of their care in one place, eliminating the need to visit specialists in scattered locations.

Our team includes:

  • Neurologists
  • Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Ophthalmology Services
  • Physical Therapists
  • Social Services
  • Urological Services
  • Other Specialty Services

We also offer an onsite infusion clinic and provide a setting for peer groups to meet and discuss their concerns.
With the advent of electronic medical records we are able to work closely with your primary care physician and other subspecialists and medical centers when necessary. After each visit you will receive a mailed summary of your care and proposed treatment plan. 

The Partners Advantage

Newton-Wellesley Hospital is a member of the Partners HealthCare System. This affiliation enables the staff of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic to coordinate the care our patients receive at other Partners-affiliated hospitals. We are also able to enroll our patients in some of the studies or programs being conducted at these hospitals.

Our Team

Clinic Philosophy

Addressing the Uncertainty of Multiple Sclerosis
Having accessed this web site, you are likely a patient, family member or friend searching for some certainty in understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is the most common chronic disabling disease of young adults.

As you pursue this goal, the best way to avoid frustration is to acknowledge at the outset that MS is more notable for its uncertainties. the diagnosis correct?
Uncertainty...why me?
Uncertainty...what will be my clinical course?
Uncertainty...which immunomodulatory medication should I take?
Uncertainty...does the dose matter? much do neutralizing antibodies matter? much do these medications decrease long term disability?
Uncertainty...what do I do if I have a relapse? will this affect my employment? will this affect my family?

Acknowledging these uncertainties defines the mission and philosophy of our MS clinic. We are here to minimize the uncertainties and assure that each patient’s treatment and support is optimal.

Wellness Program

Newton-Wellesley Hospital Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

Our support group meets the first Tuesday of every month.
Where: Bowles 2 conference room at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Located across from the main cafeteria on the 2nd floor of the Hospital.
Parking: Parking passes to cover parking will be available at the meeting. You may park in any of the available lots/garage.


Newly and previously diagnosed patients are welcome and encouraged to attend. This peer led group is informal. It strives to focus on sharing positive outcomes, living a healthy productive life and helping members deal with the uncertainties that come with a diagnosis of MS.

Come share what has worked for you and learn from others. Please contact us at
617-243-NWMS (6967) for more information.


Yoga is available for MS patients. Please call the MS Clinic at 617-243-NWMS (6967) for details.


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