Security Instructions for Parents

Your baby's safety is a priority at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Please follow these guidelines to assist in making your stay with us a safe one.

ID Bracelets
ID bracelets are placed on every infant prior to leaving the delivery room. The mother and partner will also receive an ID bracelet with identical numbers. Every time you are reunited with your baby, the staff will check ID bracelets.

Security System
We have a security system for our newborns. We ask that you do not discuss this system with visitors or family to keep the knowledge confidential. Your nurse will explain the system to you.

Staff Picture Identification Badges
All hospital employees are required to wear picture ID badges that state their name and job title. Do not give your infant to anyone who is not wearing proper identification.

Baby Safety
Never leave your baby unattended. If you need to leave your room, take the baby with you or return the baby to the nursery. Infants should be placed on their backs in the cribs. Walking in the halls with your infant in your arms is discouraged. There are many safety issues in a hospital environment and we prefer you keep your baby in the crib.

Sibling Safety
Children who are ill should not visit you and your newborn. Children who do visit you during your hospital stay should be accompanied by an adult at all times. There are many hallways, closets, and elevators in the hospital. Children can become easily lost if allowed to roam. Siblings and other children are not allowed to spend the night. Self-medication kits should be safely out of reach of children visiting your room.

Do not bring large amounts of cash or credit cards to the hospital. When leaving your labor room, please look around to make sure you have all your belongings. When leaving the hospital, pack carefully and check drawers and closets.

These are for patient care only. It is hospital policy that they are not blown up as balloons.

Visiting Hours
Visitors are welcome in the labor area with a patient’s permission. Visitors are asked to stay inside the labor room or in the waiting area. We do not allow family members to stand in the hallway outside rooms.

We have very liberal visiting hours for this floor and rarely impose restrictions. Siblings of the new baby are welcome to visit. We ask that children who are not siblings visit the new baby once home. Siblings and other children are not allowed to spend the night. We do ask visitors to leave by 8:30 pm, so we can begin our scheduled parent-teaching classes. There is so much to do and learn in the short time that you are here. You should consider how you are feeling and how much rest you need. The staff can offer you guidelines to share with your visitors. All visitors should wash their hands prior to handling the infant. Anyone who is sick should stay at home.