Preparing to Take Your New Baby Home

As exciting as it is to prepare for the birth of your baby, an equally exciting time is getting ready to take your baby home from the Hospital. You can expect to take your baby home on day two after a vaginal birth and within three to four days after a cesarean birth. Key staff that are involved in your discharge process will be your Mother/Baby nurse, your health care provider who will discharge you on your discharge day and your pediatric health care provider who will discharge your baby on your discharge day.

Below is some general information to help with your departure.

On the evening before discharge:

  • Ask that family bring some of your flowers or belongings home that you will not be using before morning.
  • Be sure you have comfortable clothes for you and your baby to dress in for going home.
  • Ask your nurse what time you should be ready for discharge. Typically our discharge time is 10:30 am. This will help you arrange for your ride.
  • Have your car seat ready for use. This includes installing the base in the rear seat of the car, facing backwards. More information is available in our Maternity Guide or visit or

On the day of discharge:

  • Usually, maternity patients are discharged at 10:30 am. Please be sure the person picking you up knows this time.
  • Your physicians and nurses will talk to you about any medications you will be taking at home. This is a good time to ask any questions you may have.
  • You will be seen by your health care provider and your baby’s physician as well. These providers will sign the discharge order in your chart.
  • Your nurse will review your discharge instructions for caring for yourself and your baby.
  • The last event that will occur before you and your baby are discharged is removing one of your baby’s ID bracelets.
  • You may carry your baby to the lobby or to the car. We are happy to provide you with a wheelchair and an escort if you prefer.

We hope that planning ahead will help your discharge go more smoothly. We are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns before you leave. We know you have many choices when it comes to your health care needs. Thank you for choosing Newton-Wellesley Hospital.