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My mom was there when I woke up. I felt a little tired and confused. I didn’t realize I had been sleeping for an hour! The nurse told me that feeling funny was normal and I would feel better shortly. She said she was glad I told her about it because it is an important job for kids to tell her how they feel when they wake up.

I also had a bandage on my arm, and underneath was an IV. The IV gave me water and medicine while I was sleeping during my procedure. It did not hurt at all, but it was funny to see it taped to me!


As I was telling the nurse about how I felt, she gave me a popsicle and some water. I got to pick any flavor I wanted AND I got to eat while I was still in bed. My mom never lets me do that.

I rested a little bit more, and then went upstairs with my mom to the pediatric floor where I was having my sleepover.  Everyone was really nice up there, and I even got my own room!  They told me before I go home, my nurse will take out my IV and it will just feel like a band-aid coming off.

My sleepover went by very fast and there were a lot of fun parts to it. I am excited to share my story with my teacher and friends at school.


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