Birth Plan: Your Approach to Birth

The birth of your child is one of life’s most special occasions. At Newton-Wellesley Hospital, we are committed to providing you with outstanding medical care that is responsive to your individual needs and supports you and your partner’s personal approach to birth. There are many decisions to be made during labor. Writing a birth plan enables you and your partner to consider these choices and clarify your preferences. A written birth plan can also help you communicate with your care providers about your hopes for labor, birth, and the initial postpartum period. A Birth Plan Worksheet can be found in the back pocket of this manual.

Discuss these expectations with your physician/midwife between the 32nd and 36th week of pregnancy. If you choose to complete a written birth plan, bring it with you to the hospital and pack extra copies to give to the staff caring for you. During your hospital stay, your nurse will check with you to assure that your needs and expectations are being met.

Try to keep your birth plan as flexible as possible. While no one can predict how your labor and birth will progress, we will make every effort to comply with your preferences. However, some circumstances may necessitate unanticipated changes. The following list of considerations can help as a guide to preparing your birth plan. Please include any information that will help us enhance your family’s birth experience.