Security Instructions for Parents

Keeping Your Baby Safe
Your baby’s safety is a priority at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Please follow these guidelines to assist in making your stay with us a safe one.

What you can do:
• Know the names of your nurses and other staff members who care for you and your baby.
• Place your baby’s bassinet on the side of your bed that is farthest away from the door.
• Place your baby in a bassinet to walk in the hallway. Never carry your baby outside of your room.
• When your baby is out of the bassinet, always maintain a firm but gentle hold. Newborns can move more than we think they can.
• Never leave your baby alone in your room.
• Your baby must be with the mother or support person when in the room or hallway. The mother or support person must be wearing an ID band.
• Do NOT sleep with your baby; if you feel drowsy put the baby back in the bassinet.
• Do NOT leave the baby unattended on a bed or chair.
• Do NOT remove your bracelet or any of the baby’s bracelets.

What Hospital Staff will do:
• Any staff member who works in Maternity or Pediatrics will have a unique pink Newton-Wellesley Hospital ID .
• Only staff and parents who have an ID band can enter the nursery.
• A staff member will always check to ensure that your band matches your baby’s ID band.
• Newton-Wellesley utilizes an electronic security tag for your baby’s safety. Please DO NOT remove or attempt to adjust the tag. If you have any questions, your nurse can help you.
• Maternity Patients — Following your baby’s birth, you and your baby will be identified with matching bands.
• In the event your baby may leave your room for an evaluation or procedure, your ID band will be matched with your baby’s ID band when your baby returns to you.
• Pediatric patients — Upon admission an ID bracelet will be placed on your baby.
Your baby's safety is a priority at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Please follow these guidelines to assist in making your stay with us a safe one.

General Security Guidelines

Sibling Safety
Children who are ill should not visit you and your newborn. Children who do visit you during your hospital stay should be accompanied by an adult at all times. There are many hallways, closets, and elevators in the hospital. Children can become easily lost if allowed to roam. Siblings and other children are not allowed to spend the night.

Do not bring large amounts of cash or credit cards to the hospital. When leaving your labor room, please look around to make sure you have all your belongings. When leaving the hospital, pack carefully and check drawers and closets.

These are for patient care only.

Visitors are welcome in the labor area with a patient’s permission. Visitors are asked to stay inside the labor room or in the waiting area. We do not allow family members to stand in the hallway outside rooms.

The Maternity Unit has an innovative way for you to spend uninterrupted time with your new baby. Each afternoon between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 pm the Unit will “quiet down” so you may rest with your baby. The only interruption during this time would be for essential patient care. Please ask that your visitors delay their visit with you until after that time of day.

We ask all visitors to leave by 8:30 pm, so we can begin our scheduled parent-teaching classes. There is so much to do and learn in the short time that you are here. You should consider how you are feeling and how much rest you need. The staff can offer you guidelines to share with your visitors. All visitors should wash their hands prior to handling the infant. Anyone who is sick should stay at home.