Post-Operative Day 3

Daily Plan of Care: Day Three 

  • You will continue with incentive spirometer to exercise your lungs.
  • You will be given oral medications for pain. It is important to communicate with staff how well your pain is being relieved
  • A blood thinning (anticoagulant) medication will continue.
  • Smaller bandages will be placed on your incision or it will be left open to air.
  • Lab tests may be done.
  • An orthopaedic resident, PA and NP will make rounds daily.
  • Your nurse will review your discharge instructions, which includes any medications you will be taking at home, such as pain medication and Anticoagulation medication
  • You will resume your usual diet increasing fluids to prevent constipation.  


Physical Therapy

If you are going home:
º You will be independent getting in and out of bed.
º You will progress to being able to walk 150 feet alone.
º If you have stairs at home, you will practice stair climbing with your therapist.

If you are going to a extended-care facility:
º Your therapist will see you in the morning before you leave to go over your discharge instructions. You will also continue to work on strengthening exercises and improved functional mobility, like going from your bed to a chair and walking.

Occupational Therapy

º You will progress in self-care tasks by practicing the use of adaptive equipment or performing tasks while standing in the bathroom.
If you are going home:
º Your therapists will provide a list of exercises and activity instructions for you to follow.
º Your OT or PT will practice a car transfer with you and your family.
º Your OT will help you plan how to safely complete other needed activities such as light meal preparation, using good body mechanics and energy conservation.
º OT and PT will assess the need for any equipment to help you at home and coordinate with you, your family and your case manager to procure recommended equipment.

Case Management

A case manager or social worker may be in to confirm your discharge plan and address any outstanding questions you may have.



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