Testimonials From Our Residents

Why did you choose to come to Newton-Wellesley Hospital for your transitional year? What are the strengths of the program?
"I came to Newton-Wellesley for the free lunch. Just kidding, that's only one of the many aspects that makes this program great. I'm going into radiology, and for my intern year I was specifically interested in a transitional program that offered the right balance between surgery and medicine. I also wanted to have the feeling at the end of the year that I had survived intern year.  Newton-Wellesley provides both. In addition, the attendings and senior residents are incredibly friendly and totally committed to our learning, and I couldn't  have asked for a better class of co-interns. The hospital is also located in the Boston suburbs, which needs no further explanation. If this hasn't sold you yet on the program, just think about the burritos every Tuesday and Indian food every Friday, for the entire year!"

"I chose a transitional year because I wanted a year that would provide experience in both medicine and surgery. Most transitional years have an abundance of one or the other. NWH, however, offers an almost even split. Another benefit of this program is the close-knit community hospital feel with the benefit of being affiliated with MGH. As such, the program is laid back wile providing excellent educational opportunities. Finally, the faculty is amazing. I can't even imagine having more supportive attendings on every service. Thy really care about our well-being and education."

"I chose to spend my preliminary year at Newton-Wellesley Hospital because I wanted to work in a friendly, close-knit community hospital where I felt like I would truly get to know people and the place in my limited time there. I also wanted to be in a location that prioritizes the resident experience in terms of education, community, and lifestyle. Newton-Wellesley Hospital has met and exceeded all of my expectations and I will surely look back on this year as a fabulous choice for the start of my residency."

"I chose NWH because I was looking for a smaller community hospital but still with some of the rigor (but definitely not all of it) of a large academic center. I feel like NWH is the perfect mix of both these things; the upper level residents and attendings are extremely knowledgable and interested in teaching, but at the same time super nice as well. I definitely am very fortunate that I get to spend my TY here, training under such talented physicians and building the strong base I desire for the rest of my residency."

"I chose NWH based on its location and its culture. Its location is ideal: Newton is close enough to Boston/Cambridge that it is a mangeable commute, but it also is a great option for people who want to avoid the city. Culturally, the hospital is rooted in academic medicine with its affiliation with MGH. However, NWH is much more manageable than other large, academic medical centers (smalller campus, smaller teams, smaller patient census, etc.). I wanted an intern year that would give me a solid foundation in medicine and NWH has done that without causing burn out. Finally, its affiliation with Partners come with benefits including a great salary as well as excellent healthcare options."

I had a great feeling about the hospital and program after my interview, and it has lived up to expectations in every way. The attendings and residents are awesome - strong clinicians and good people - and I couldn't have asked for a better group of co-interns."

"I love the community atmosphere at NWH. The environment is warm and friendly and education is offered in a setting that truly fosters learning."

"I was really excited to be part of the Newton-Wellesley Hospital transitional year program for my intern year. The balance of excellent academic medicine and friendly staff throughout the whole hospital makes it a great place to come to work and the feeling is infectious. The opportunity to rotate through so many departments of the hospital allows for a unique experience. In just one year, this provides us with an understanding of how a hospital works and how the role of a physician plays a part in successful treatment of a large variety of patients."

"The first thing that attracted me to NWH TY was the fact that I'd be in the Boston area, getting to experience the city and not having to uproot myself again when I start at MGH. The TY schedule is pretty sweet, balancing packed, busy months with lighter ones--just when your brain cannot take any more info, you're on elective or night medicine. Most importantly though, I've noticed that the attendings, staff, and even patients are incredibly warm, understanding people who love to teach!"

“At NWH, interns get exposure to a wide range of pathology and get to work with excellent attendings and residents. There is significant exposure to common disorders found in the community setting.”

“The attendings are VERY committed to teaching and looking after residents.”

“I love that NWH has high quality colleagues, administration, and faculty. They are approachable, willing to help out, work as a team, and are highly intelligent.”

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