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MRI Services at Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Family Health Source, Summer 2008

The Radiology Department at Newton-Wellesley Hospital offers innovative and comprehensive diagnostic imaging services and expertise in all areas of radiology including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The Hospital has a renowned MRI program with a long tradition of exceptional patient care and access to MRI specialists in a comfortable and convenient setting.

"Our Radiology Department provides advanced MRI services from specialists in the field focusing on patient-centered care," says Jeffrey J. Greenberg, MD, Associate Chair of Radiology and Medical Director of MRI at Newton-Wellesley. "Our goal is to offer our patients the benefits of the latest technological advances in MRI while continuing to maintain the highest level of compassionate care."

Our radiology experts at the Hospital are committed to providing superior MRI scans for patients and upholding the service and quality standards that exist within the Radiology Department.

"Newton-Wellesley is able to have a great impact on the communities we serve by providing convenient and accessible diagnostic imaging services," says Daniel Z. Silverstone, MD, Associate Medical Director of MRI at Newton-Wellesley. "As a member of the Partners HealthCare System, we are able to provide patients access to the full breadth of exams, services and expertise. It is exciting to be able to deliver this care in a community hospital setting."

Meeting Patient Needs

The Radiology Department has an efficient system in place to quickly and effectively provide access to images and reports for all members of a patient's health provider team. Results from each MRI scan are integrated into the Partners Healthcare electronic medical record system. With a focus on patient privacy, this paperless documentation system also allows referring physicians outside Newton-Wellesley Hospital immediate and confidential access to their patient's records.

This technology virtually eliminates the need for written charts, reduces error and provides a smoother transition for patients during their MRI experience. Referring physicians can access their patients' results and scans directly from their office computer - offering seamless continuity of care for each patient who comes for an MRI scan.

"We put our patients at the center of the care we provide," says Dr. Greenberg. "Our advanced information technology enables the medical team involved in each patient's care to have access not only to the MR findings but also to other imaging studies and laboratory results, creating an environment where specialists can collaborate over a 'virtual table' and provide the best care plan for each patient."

Commitment to Patient Care

Newton-Wellesley has made a Hospital-wide commitment to achieving the highest level of patient satisfaction. The MRI team is dedicated to providing high-quality care while offering patients the most advanced services including innovative diagnostic equipment and the latest technology. The Radiology Department has earned a great reputation for quality and ease of access and will continue to uphold these standards in MRI.

"The MRI services at Newton-Wellesley is a highly regarded comprehensive program that brings our community access to world-class imaging," says Dr. Silverstone. "Our radiologists have a wide variety of sub-specialty expertise and therefore, are able to put each patient's care at the center of a very large and expert circle."

MRI Expertise

The MRI technical staff are committed to helping patients have a comfortable experience during their MRI exam. Newton-Wellesley MRI technologists are nationally certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

The diagnostic radiologists at the Hospital are physicians with extensive experience and expertise in the interpretation of MRI images. All of our radiologists are board certified and many have subspecialty certification and expertise in specific fields of radiology. This qualified team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to interpret MRI scan results.

Areas of subspecialty expertise in MRI at Newton-Wellesley include:

  • Board Certified Neuroradiologists
  • Fellowship-Trained Musculoskeletal Radiologists
  • Fellowship-Trained Body Imaging Radiologists
  • American College of Radiology-Accredited Breast Imaging Service with Advanced Breast MRI Expertise
  • Board Certified Pediatric Radiologists

The MRI expertise at the Hospital supports many of the clinical service lines and provides crucial information for diagnostic decisions and treatment plans. The Hospital continues to be a leader in offering new technology to patients. Newton-Wellesley was one of the first community hospitals to use arthrography with MRI - a specialized procedure to evaluate alterations in the structure and function of joints. These advanced scans enable physicians in the Kaplan Joint Center to diagnose joint conditions and care for their patients' joint care needs.

The Hospital provides specialized pediatric MRI services including a dedicated sedation program. In order to optimize the diagnostic quality of the study, the pediatric anesthesia physicians provide on-site sedation or general anesthesia in the MRI suite for children needing MRI studies. 

"Another specific area of MRI services that distinguishes Newton-Wellesley as a leader in the field is breast MR imaging," says Dr. Silverstone. "We are one of the few hospitals in Massachusetts who have seamlessly integrated MRI services into our breast health service line - The Auerbach Breast Center at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. We have radiologists who are experts in the field of breast MRI who are committed to providing exceptional services to our patients."

Since MRI at Newton-Wellesley is a Hospital-based program, radiologists have broad expertise reading a variety of complex cases together with all other corresponding CT scans, ultrasound, PET scans and nuclear medicine studies.

The Hospital provides all essential MRI services including brain, spine and orthopaedic imaging; however, the MRI team also supports various other Newton-Wellesley clinical service lines including:

  • Kaplan Joint Center
  • Maureen E. Egan Gastroenterology Unit
  • Center for Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery
  • Maxwell Blum Emergency Department
  • Center for Weight Loss Surgery
  • Spine Center
  • Hand surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Vascular surgery

"Compared to an outpatient center, we see more rare and complicated studies. This requires our MRI radiologists to maintain a high level of expertise and to stay current on all the latest trends in our field," says Dr. Greenberg. "We are always looking for ways to expand our services and offer patients the most innovative imaging techniques and we hope to continue to expand these services in the future. Newton-Wellesley is a leader in MRI and is committed to staying current with technology while offering convenient, patient-centered care."

For more information about the MRI Services offered at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, call CareFinder at 1-866-NWH-DOCS (694-3627).

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