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ct scans at newton-wellesley hospitalComputed Tomography (CT scan) is a valuable, painless diagnostic tool that allows the radiologist to see a cross sectional picture of the body. CT scan technology has advanced over the years and is an increasingly powerful and effective tool in the diagnosis and treatment of countless injuries and diseases. The radiologists at Newton-Wellesley Hospital give hundreds of CT Scans a year to patients from communities throughout the Greater Boston area. CT scans are performed at our onsite radiology lab and our offsite locations in Natick, Walpole and Waltham.

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Cardiac Scoring
CT Biopsy
Spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar)
Virtual Colonoscopy

About CT Scans at Newton-Wellesley

  • Your physician has ordered a CT scan for you based on your individual needs. Members of the Newton-Wellesley Hospital Radiology Department are specifically trained to achieve accurate results from your CT exam while minimizing your exposure to radiation.
  • Newton-Wellesley recognizes the importance of staying on top of the latest medical advancements and, therefore, utilizes the very latest CT equipment. These new CT scanning machines use a technology that significantly reduces the amount of radiation used during a test and use less radiation than older equipment.
  • Our department strives to continuously improve the existing CT scan procedures. The Radiology team closely monitors the existing processes and makes changes when necessary to create the safest environment for patients.
  • Newton-Wellesley recognizes that children are the most vulnerable group of patients for radiation-related risks. The Hospital has developed a specialized program to "kid size" the use of CT imaging for children to reduce exposure to radiation.
  • We employ a medical physicist to work closely with our CT equipment and its manufacturers to ensure that patients are receiving the least amount of radiation. The physicist also works to maintain close control of the radiation levels emitted by the equipment.
  • Newton-Wellesley Radiology technologists and staff receive routine education and updates on CT imaging radiation exposure to stay current on the latest information in the field.
  • We are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Radiation Control.

If you have any questions about your CT scan, please feel free to contact the CT Department at 617-243-6725

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