Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my child receives anesthesia?
Your child will be receiving anesthesia for this procedure. She/he will be cared for by both an anesthesiologist as well as a nurse anesthetist. Younger children tend to receive their anesthesia by breathing the gas through a mask that covers their nose and mouth. Older children generally are given medication through an intravenous line. Most of the time, you will able to be present as your child awakens from anesthesia.

How do you provide emotional support for children and their families?
Our team is dedicated to providing family-centered care in our unit. All staff are available to answer questions and provide support. We have a certified Child Life Specialist who is available to help with emotional support, play and distraction, as well as coping techniques. She will help each family develop a coping plan to deal with the stress of the procedure.

How can I prepare my child for their visit?
We recommend viewing our photo album/guide to help prepare your child for their visit. 

Can I tour the unit?
Yes. Tours of the Unit are available prior to the procedure. Please contact 617-243-6723 for more information.

How do you accommodate special needs patients?
Many children with special needs are seen in our unit. Our staff are trained and comfortable working with children with a variety of developmental, emotional and physical special needs. We have developed special programs to help patients with autism, including a social story. Please email us or call 617-243-6723 prior to the procedure if your child has special needs that we should know about. We will make individual accommodations to help your child with the procedure.

Can I learn more about the procedures?
Yes, please go to our procedures page.

How do I contact the unit?
Please contact the Pediatric GI Unit at 617-243- 6301.

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