Patient Stories

Barbara's Story: Hip Replacement

Although she had long suffered from arthritis in her back, there was something different about the pain Barbara Tabor felt on her Cancun vacation in March 2012. It made walking agonizing, so she began using a golf cart. Getting in and out of the water was an ordeal and even boarding the plane for her return flight was difficult.

Brenda's Story: Knee and Hip Replacements

For much of her adult life, Brenda Galen, 58, was active, athletic and thin. She was a Girl Scouts leader, a cheerleading coach and an avid shopper. Then, at age 45, her body “shut down, ” as she puts it. She was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and suffered for years.

Brian's Story: Knee and Hip Replacements

If there’s one message Brian Brown has for anyone suffering from serious joint problems, it’s don’t wait to do surgery until your life is intolerable. “Your quality of life deteriorates, you lose your range of motion and you don’t sleep anymore,” says Brown. “And in some cases, you get complications like back problems because you’re constantly favoring one side over the other.”

Rob's Story: Hip Replacement

Rob Norton, 44, is unsure of the origin of his hip problems, although he suspects it may have been an old injury from hockey, which he has played since he was a kid. For the past half dozen years, his left hip had bothered him more and more. “When I’d walk I’d get a sharp shooting pain that went right through me,” says Norton. “I thought if I stretched and just did my regular workout, it would work itself out over time.”

Robert's Story: Knee Replacement

Robert Cugno’s knee problems began about 35 years ago in an all too common way: torn ligaments from playing basketball. He had surgery to repair his ravaged anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) on his right knee at a Boston hospital.

Tim's Story: Hip Replacement

Fourteen years ago, Tim began to notice more and more pain in his hip along with reduced flexibility and range of motion. “My quality of life was slowly deteriorating. I had to stop jogging and playing tennis. I slowly limped around the golf course and just had a general feeling of discomfort that was affecting my everyday life.”

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