Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories

Why turn to The Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Newton Wellesley Hospital for your bariatic surgery? The expertise and experience of our team. Our bariatric surgeons perform 300-plus bypasses a year with an excellent overall success rate. Our success rate is defined as a patient who loses 65 percent excess weight and maintains weight loss and health improvements long term.

Learn about some of our many bariatric surgery patients whose lives were transformed after successful surgery:

Andrea's Story: "Through talking to people at the support groups, meeting with the nurse coordinator, the dieticians and physicians, and doing my own research, I realize that this surgery is not the easy way out. This is for people who have tried again and again, year after year to win the battle. This surgery is the beginning tool to give me a new lease on life. I am so appreciative to the team for helping me regain my life.”

Ann's Story: “I knew I was a big risk because of my weight, but I felt like no one wanted to help me. That changed when I contacted Newton- Wellesley Hospital,” says Ann. Pablo Gazmuri, MD, Associate Medical Director and Surgeon at the Center for Weight Loss Surgery (CWLS), spoke to Ann the day she called looking for more information about gastric bypass surgery.

Aubrey's Story: At 22 years old and 351 lbs, Aubrey Podell was nearly incapable of regular, daily activities. She was classified as “super morbidly obese,” and on track to develop type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease all before she reached the age of 30.

John's Story: Since his weight loss surgery, John’s life has changed in many ways."I now coach my son’s senior little league team," says John. "I give the kids a challenge at every game, which always involves me running. 

Marty's Story: For more than a decade, Marty Greenstein struggled with Type 2 diabetes. Determined to become diabetes free, Marty had bariatric surgery in 2012. He left the Hospital after surgery without taking any more medication for his diabetes and now has normal blood sugars. He's lost 70 lbs, sleeps better, and says he feels much better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Ryan's Story: "Every breath I take I enjoy again. Dr. Partridge saved my life. She always says I’m doing all the work, and although I am working hard, without the jumpstart that this surgery gives, I would probably be in serious, morbid health right now – if not dead. I have finally taken back my life. I wake up feeling so good every day – it’s just miraculous."

Steve's Story: At 37 years old, Steve SanSoucie was morbidly obese and suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver infiltration, acid reflux and other health conditions. After a visit to the Emergency Department with chest pains, he finally pursued bariatric surgery and underwent a sleeve gastrectomy at the Center for Weight Loss Surgery.

Learn more about bariatric surgery at Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Center for Weight Loss Surgery or contact us to arrange a consultation.





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