Breast Cancer Doctors & Surgeons

The doctors and surgeons at Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Auerbach Breast Center provide Greater Boston communities coordinated care for breast cancer and non-cancerous breast conditions. Patients are treated by a multidisciplinary team of specialists with varying expertise and roles in the patient’s care. A patient’s treatment team includes a surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. This entire team meets with each patient and explains the results of imaging and other diagnostic tests.

Breast Center Leadership

  • Alan Semine, MD, Medical Director, Women's Imaging (profile)
  • Amy Comander, MD, Medical Director of Medical Oncology, Breast Center (profile)

Auerbach Breast Center Medical Oncologists

Medical oncologists at the Auerbach Breast Center specialize in treating breast cancer using chemotherapy, hormone therapy and biological therapy. After treatment, they provide follow-up care to monitor patients’ progress. Medical oncologists also offer genetic testing for hereditary breast/ovarian cancer as well as screening and prevention options for women at high risk for breast cancer. A patient’s medical oncologist becomes a life-long care provider, following that patient’s cancer-related health care throughout treatment and for ongoing follow-up. Our medical oncologists are:

  • Amy Comander, MD, Director of Medical Oncology, Breast Center (profile)

Auerbach Breast Center Radiation Oncologists

Radiation Oncologists specialize in using radiation to treat cancer. As a member of the treatment team, they will help determine whether radiation is needed. They develop and prescribe each cancer patient’s radiation treatment plan and make sure that every treatment is administered accurately. They also help identify and treat any side effects of radiation therapy. A Massachusetts General Hospital specialist provides radiation oncology services for Newton-Wellesley Breast Center patients. Our radiation oncologists are

  • Joanna Tansky, MD, Medical Director, Radiation Oncology  (profile)
  • Christine Olsen Small, MD (profile)
  • Gayle Tillman, MD  (profile)

Auerbach Breast Center Surgeons

Many breast concerns begin with a positive finding on a screening mammogram or a clinical breast exam. In both instances, women are referred to The Auerbach Breast Center. Surgeons at the Breast Center assess, diagnose and treat all types of breast problems, from cysts to breast cancer. They perform lumpectomy, mastectomy and axillary dissection. Breast conservation surgery is recommended whenever it is medically indicated. The Breast Center schedules any diagnostic breast imaging that is needed for a full evaluation. Our breast surgeons are:

Auerbach Breast Center Plastic Surgeons

The physical and psychological impact that breast surgery may have is always considered and discussed with patients. The Auerbach Breast Center includes several Plastic Surgeons who specialize in breast reconstructive techniques. Timely consultation is offered to breast cancer patients before or after their surgery. Breast Center Plastic Surgeons work very closely with the Center’s Surgical Oncologists to perform breast reconstruction immediately following a mastectomy or after a patient has had time to heal or undergo further treatment. Our breast plastic surgeons are:

Diagnostic Radiologists

At Newton-Wellesley Hospital, breast imaging studies are performed at The Women’s Imaging Center located just off the main lobby adjacent to the Auerbach Breast Center. Radiologists at the Women’s Imaging Center specialize in mammography, breast ultrasound and breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). In addition, Newton-Wellesley Radiologists perform interventional breast procedures such as ductography, ultrasound-guided biopsies and stereotactic biopsies to diagnose breast problems.


When breast tissue is aspirated or biopsied it is sent to the hospital pathology lab. Pathologists at Newton-Wellesley Hospital examine surgical specimens and biopsies for diagnostic purposes. They determine whether tissue removed through a diagnostic procedure or surgery is benign or cancerous. If breast cancer is detected, the Pathologist will further characterize the breast cancer. This will impact a patient’s treatment and prognosis.

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