About Us

Anticoagulation medication is taken by patients who need to decrease the risk of harmful blood clots. Careful monitoring is necessary to keep patients safe from the risk of bleeding.

Anticoagulation Management Services at Newton-Wellesley Hospital Clinic is staffed by experienced nurses who monitor patients to assess the amount of anticoagulation produced by a given dose of Warfarin. A patient’s Warfarin dose is adjusted in order to maintain a safe and effective range as prescribed by their referring physician.

Benefits of Anticoagulation Management Services for patients include:

  • Staff available by phone to discuss any concerns or problems related to Warfarin
  • Improved patient safety
  • An expert team knowledgeable in anticoagulation management
  • Initial education class for patients who come to the Clinic
  • Nurses to coordinate care with each patient’s referring physician
  • The program also offers interpreters for non-English speaking patients

When patients arrive at the Clinic, the nurses will:

  • Test their blood with the machine in the Clinic
  • Provide ongoing patient assessment and education
  • Help manage and review medication interactions
  • Interpret the blood test results
  • Adjust their Warfarin dose
  • Plan the date of the next blood test

Patients involved in the program should be available to come to the Clinic for their blood testing (individual circumstances will be considered).