Early Maternity Discharge Information

A Massachusetts law was enacted in 1998 that allows maternity patients who are discharged early from a hospital to have a nursing visit at home.

What is an early maternity discharge (EMD) visit?
Eligible mothers and infants who participate in early discharge from the Hospital will be provided (upon agreement by the mother) a minimum of one home visit within 48 hours following discharge of the mother and infant. This visit by an experienced registered nurse is intended to help with assessment and education about infant care, bottle/breast feeding, your own post delivery care and any other relevant information including the need for social support in the community.

Who is eligible for an EMD visit?
Your insurance must cover this visit; however, some insurance plans are exempt from the law including self-insured companies, most out-of-state plans and Federal insurance plans.

How do you notify your Hospital providers that you are interested?
Your insurance must cover this visit; however, some insurance plans are exempt Please inform your nurse if you would like to have the Hospital staff locate a provider that can provide a timely home visit. We will contact home health providers on your behalf to request a visit. The ability to identify a provider for your home visit is dependent upon where you live, the staff availability of the provider and your insurance coverage. Please share any preferences you may have.

What are your rights?
You may contact the Department of Public Health at 1-800-462 5540 if you feel your right to this benefit has been unfairly denied.