What to Bring to the Hospital

From Home:

• Phone list, cell phone
• Camera, flash, battery charger, extra batteries
• ChapStick
• Toothbrushes and toothpaste for you and your partner
• Your favorite music
• Food for husband/partner (refrigerators/microwaves available in patient courtesy kitchens on each hallway)
• Socks, slippers, house shoes–footwear is mandatory due to health and safety regulations
• Robe, nightgown–hospital gowns are available, or if bringing your own, bring at least two
• Change of clothes for husband/partner
• Swimsuit/trunks for sharing tub/shower during labor
• Bras–nursing if breastfeeding, snug fitting if formula feeding
• Personal grooming items, hair dryer
• Pictures of family, pets, or other for focal point during labor
• Photos of children/siblings (on display in room)
• Inflatable or small spa pillow (to use in the tub)
• Maternity clothes to go home in
• Ice pack/blue ice for back labor (no microwavable warm packs)
• Tennis ball, massager
• Popsicles
• Your favorite body/massage lotions
• Massage tools
• Glasses, contacts, contact solution, case for contacts
• Headband, hair clip
• Shoes, sandals–easy on/off
• Partner should bring routine medications, including antacids and headache meds for themselves

For Baby:
During your hospital stay we will provide everything for your baby. Infant supplies include a thermometer, bulb syringe, bath soap, small washbasin, hairbrush, wipes, alcohol pads, and disposable diapers. These supplies can also be taken home. The baby will wear our t-shirts in the hospital. Please do not take hospital linens or t-shirts home.

• Several diapers
• Undershirt
• Gown or stretch suit (clothes to go home in)
• Hat
• Booties
• Two receiving blankets
• Bunting, outerwear, or heavy blanket(depending on the season)
• Car seat –
We suggest you have the car seat installed and become familiar with how it works prior to discharge. We also recommend that you have the seat checked at a car seat inspection station. A list of inspection stations can be found at www.nhtsa.gov or www.seatcheck.org.

From Home/For Going Home:
You may find it helpful to bring your calendar–before going home, it may be helpful to schedule your pediatrician visit and your postpartum obstetrician visit.