Wellness Classes for Expecting & New Parents

Breastfeeding Success

Although breastfeeding is a natural process, it is a learned experience for both the infant and new mother. Prenatal education and ongoing support are considered by lactation consultants to be the most important factors contributing to breastfeeding success. This class will cover the structure and function of the breast, breast vs. bottle-feeding, proper latch-on and positioning, nutrition, feeding patterns, and growth spurts, pumping and storage of milk. Partners are encouraged to attend the breastfeeding class.

Sibling Preparation Class
This class if for children four years and older accompanied by an adult. Through stories, video/slide show and hands-on activities a realistic view of a newborns appearance, needs, and abilities will be presented. The special role of the big brother/sister will be emphasized and a brief tour of maternity unit will be provided. Each child will make a craft and receive a “graduation certificate.”

The Youngest Siblings: Preparation for 2 & 3 year Olds
Children are given a brief tour highlighting the nursery and the new babies and will also see a postpartum room where their mothers will be staying. They are shown and will get a chance to practice how to safely hold a new baby. An age appropriate story about becoming a big brother/sister will be told and each child will receive a “graduation certificate.”

Infant Care
New parents need to make many decisions as they care for their newborn. This class will provide the guidance and support needed as parents go through “on-the-job training” during an infant’s first three months of life. The instructor will cover infant bathing and dressing, feeding communication, crying, sleep patterns, signs of illness, when to call a care provider, and the needs and adjustments of becoming a family.

Child & Infant CPR & Safety
This is an American Heart Association CPR for Family and Friends (Infant and Child) class. In addition to teaching CPR and choke-saving skills, this three-hour class will cover the following injury prevention topics:
• Childproofing your home
• Product, fire and water safety
• Home safety supplies
• Poison prevention
• How to choose and properly use a car seat
• Toy safety

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or a babysitter, this single session will provide you with the vital skills that turn a life-threatening situation into a lifesaving one. Includes a manual.

Prenatal Yoga
This class is designed to meet the special needs of pregnant women. Releasing tension, stretching and increasing strength, flexibility and energy are emphasized. Experience various breathing techniques and learn to apply them in meditation and yoga. The emphasis is on breathing, meditation, and gentle exercise. This class can be taken throughout your pregnancy.

Please note: We encourage you attend the above classes with a support person or partner and recommend classes should be completed by about four to six weeks before your due date.
To register for these classes or for more information please call the Wellness Center at 617-243-6221 or the Childbirth Education Office at 617-243-6649, or visit our web site www.nwh.org/classes