Preparing for Childbirth: Class Descriptions

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Tours of the Maternity Unit
This is a 30-40 minute tour of the Maternity unit. It is recommended for experienced parents who have not previously delivered at Newton-Wellesley Hospital or for any expectant parent not registered for a childbirth class. There is no charge for tours.
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Prepared Childbirth Class
This is a comprehensive class that helps expectant first-time parents through the stages of late pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. Instructors will discuss signs of labor, when to come to the hospital, role of the support person, and comfort measures such as relaxation, breathing, positions, massage, visualization, hydrotherapy, analgesics and anesthesia. In addition, what to expect if medical interventions are necessary, including induction of labor, and Cesarean delivery will be discussed. Postpartum changes, the newborn after delivery will be covered, and a tour of the maternity unit is included.

Natural Childbirth Class
This class is for expectant parents who would prefer and want to prepare for an unmedicated birth. The class will emphasize actively coping with labor and includes considerable time to practice and discuss ways of working with your body to manage your labor. In addition, all the same material that is covered in the Prepared Childbirth class will be covered, including hospital tour, medication options, medical interventions such as induction and Cesarean delivery and postpartum changes.

The HypnoBirthing® method, developed by Marie Mongan, is a comprehensive childbirth education class that emphasizes effective birthing techniques to enable you to work with the natural rhythms of your body, facilitating a more comfortable birthing experience and minimizing the need for interventions. This class teaches relaxation and self hypnosis techniques to release the fear that causes tension and pain and to enhance the release of the body’s own natural anesthesia. This class also reviews the birthing process and emphasizes preparation for childbirth, including working collaboratively with your medical provider and meaningfully involving your birthing partner.

Cesarean Birth Class
This class is for expectant parents who are scheduled for a Cesarean delivery. The instructor will discuss what to expect both physically and emotionally. Topics will include preparation, anesthesia, recovery, postpartum, and the newborn after delivery. The support person’s role is discussed and a tour of the maternity unit is included.

Refresher Class
This class gives experienced parents an opportunity to focus on this pregnancy and the birth of an additional child. The instructor will review signs and stages of labor, comfort techniques, medication options as well as a comparison of first and subsequent pregnancies and labors. Additional topics include current birth technology and a review of relaxation and breathing techniques. Sibling preparation and adjustment are also discussed.

Please note a hospital tour is not included and will need to be scheduled separately.