Post-Operative Day 1

Everyone progresses at his or her own pace. The activities listed below are a guideline for what to expect during your hospital stay.

Daily Plan of Care: Day One

  • You will continue with incentive spirometer to exercise your lungs.
  • You will continue with oral medications or a pain pump that you control. It is important to communicate with staff how well your pain is being relieved.
  • A blood thinning (anticoagulant) medication will continue.
  • Ice may be applied to your knee to help with swelling and pain control.
  • The nursing staff will assist you with bathing and changing positions in bed.
  • Your doctor (resident, PA or NP) will remove the drain tube (if applicable) from your incision and may change the bandage.
  • An orthopaedic resident, PA and NP will make rounds daily.
  • You will continue to have an IV catheter.
  • Additional blood may be administered.
  • You may continue to have a bladder catheter.
  • Compression boots will be worn to promote circulation and prevent blood clots. You may also have elastic stockings. 
  • Blood tests will be done.
  • You will begin taking liquids and your usual diet as tolerated.


  • You may use a CPM (continuous passive motion) machine to move your knee in bed.
  • You may use an active knee motion device (Cam Oped) that you peddle in bed.
  • Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy evaluations will be done.
  • Sit at the edge of the bed with assistance.
  • Perform exercises with your therapists, as you are able.
  • Begin transfers from bed to chair with assistance from therapists and nursing.
  • Begin walking with a walker with help from your therapists.

Case Management

Your case manager or social worker will meet with you to discuss your discharge plans, expected length of stay and make referrals to extended-care facilities as needed.

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