Immunizations for School Age Children

All school systems require children to have certain immunizations before they can be enrolled and begin attending classes. For parents who are new to the Boston area, schools require that a child has had all of their polio vaccinations, hepatitis B, varicella (chicken pox), MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), and DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis). Further immunizations are often required for autistic and other special education pupils. Check with your school system for complete information.

Prior to the development of these vaccines, childhood was a dangerous obstacle course. A high percentage of children became victims of fatal diseases. Even today, in many parts of the world, children are still unprotected and die from these diseases.

There is no excuse in this country for children not being protected through immunization. And, in fact, immunizations are required for school attendance, which is the best way to ensure that children living in the United States receive this vital preventative care.

When school is about to open in early September, pediatricians' schedules are filled quickly. If you have a child who is starting school for the first time, or you've moved from another country or state, your child will need immunizations. CareFinder, the physician referral service at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, can help you find a pediatrician and even schedule your first appointment. To access Carefinder simply call 1-866-NWH-DOCS (1-866-694-3627), or visit us online at


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